Friday, July 20, 2012


Again I am sorry that it has been so long. There is not a lot to update you on other than where we are on the waiting list now. As I mentioned before in January we were told that we were number 17. In the first couple months we moved 4 spots, a month later 1 spot, and then for 3 months we were at a stand still at number 12. A month ago things started moving again taking us to number 10 and then 1 week ago we moved to number 9! We are so excited that the double digits are over!

Needless to say it has kind of been an emotional roller coaster. We know without a doubt that God is changing us in this process and find so much comfort in that. Now we are just needing prayer for a few things... First of all for our sweet baby who is likely in the baby home in Uganda. I pray that God is keeping him safe, healthy and preparing his heart for his parents. We have heard a few times that the baby home we are adopting out of, and the ladies who care for the children are wonderful! We are so grateful for this! Second if you would pray for Joel and I in this waiting process, that we are preparing in every way God wants us to be. Third for the adoption tax credit. We originally thought the adoption would be completed this year and if that was/is the case there is a tax credit that we would use to help with this adoption. We are praying that the adoption credit is renewed for 2013, not only for us but all the other waiting families! No matter what happens with this we know God is in complete control and everything will work out exactly how it should! 

Thank you so much for doing this with us!

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